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SyncIn Spam Guard is a user-friendly caller ID app that helps you easily identify unknown callers with its quick phone number lookup feature. With its global phone number database, you can quickly and easily find out who is calling you and block unwanted spam calls. Besides individual users, businesses can manage contacts and calls efficiently on the SyncIn app. With a premium subscription plan, companies can enjoy additional features and benefits tailored to their needs.

My Profile –  You can create a comprehensive company profile by adding necessary details like business name, address, contact number, email ID, and company website in the My Profile section. 

Who Viewed Me – SyncIn Spam Guard allows users to track profile views by enabling visibility on who viewed their profiles. Similarly, when users search and view profiles of others, both parties receive notifications and gain access to the viewer’s information, unless profiles are set to private for anonymous viewing.

Notifications – Users can view their call history and other notifications, including connection requests, plan expiry reminders, transaction confirmations, and more – all in the notification tab.

Transactions – With SyncIn Spam Guard, users can easily verify and monitor their transactions, including plan purchases, time of purchase, and transaction or payment status. This ensures a clear record of subscriptions and aware them of the time of plan expiry.  

Manage Blockings – SyncIn Spam Guard’s spam-blocking feature safeguards users by blocking unwanted calls from spammers, ensuring calls are received only from known and trusted contacts. It automatically updates its database to detect and block top spammers instantly.

Family Safety – Users can create a secure family safety circle by adding their family members, relatives, and close friends and ensuring their security and well-being. You can stay connected 24*7 and get informed during emergencies with the help of these safety groups.

Refer & Earn – Users can unlock exclusive features in SyncIn Spam Guard by inviting friends and earning free tokens with each referral. You can tell them to install and download the app by sharing your unique referral code through text, WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, and other messaging apps and maximize your token rewards.

Settings – You can customize your SyncIn Spam Guard experience from the Settings tab by choosing to display it for phonebook contacts, enable call announcements, and receive promotional message notifications. You can also set SyncIn Spam Guard as your default dialer for a smooth and seamless calling experience.

Emergency – Users can add family members to their list of emergency contacts. In times of crisis or urgency, a single tap on the red emergency button in SyncIn Spam Guard sends an alert message with the user’s current location, notifying family members about the danger.

Feedback – Users can share their valuable feedback about the SyncIn Spam Guard app through the rating feature, enabling improvements to enhance their user experience. They can submit feedback in the dedicated feedback section to provide detailed insights into their experiences on the app.

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