Our Mission

To provide a smart communication application for users to create their own personalized community for building business networks, sharing life experiences and monetize their personal digital assets.

Stay Aware, Stay Smarter With Passelz!

Block unwanted calls effortlessly.

Easily search for unknown numbers.

Identify genuine callers, and answer only the calls that matter to you.

Build a safety circle for emergencies alert family and friends with a tap.

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Core Features

Personal & Business

Upload images and documents to set up both your personal and business profiles.


Manage and customize your photo albums and documents with ease.


Control accessibility of your uploaded graphics and document for specific contact or groups.


Customize your App’s appearance with the option to switch between Dark and Light Theme

Family Circle

Create and connect with your loved ones by adding family members or forming groups. Stay informed about their locations and sharing photos among family members.


Access the Emergency Screen in the Passelz App to send an instant notification to all your family members.

Unique Features

Customize Your Incoming Calls with a Visual Impact

Quick and easy Profile Setup

Organize photo and document sharing

Personalized Dashboard

Phone and text scam problems

Solving scam problems with Passelz

We power billions of conversations across the world

Founded in 2016, Wild Jar has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide connect with their customers through cutting edge call tracking and analytics solutions.

Asked Questions

When a notification appears that “someone has viewed your profile,” it means that an individual has searched for you on Passelz Spam Guard, either by using your name or phone number.

When someone conducted a name search, it implies that they looked for your name within Passelz Spam Guard. To view the profile of the person who viewed your profile, simply click on the notification or navigate to “Who viewed my profile” in the app’s navigation area.

To block a number from your call log, simply tap and hold on the number and select the block symbol. Alternatively, you can go to the Passelz Spam Guard in-app settings, select “Block,” tap on the floating plus sign, and choose “Block a number.” Then, enter the necessary number details, press the block option, and the number will be successfully blocked.

A family safety circle is a group that you can create by adding your family members from your contacts to ensure their safety. By including all family members in the safety circle, you can ensure everyone stays connected and informed in case of an emergency. The safety circle helps to establish a secure and reliable communication network among family members to prioritize their safety and well-being.

You can invite your friends to install Passelz and earn free tokens. You can unlock premium features and upgrade to new levels – Beginner, Premium, and Elite by referring to your connections. To start earning tokens, invite and share your referral code via text message, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and others.

To remove a number marked as spam from the blacklist, you can simply search for the number and tap ‘Not spam’ in the contact view. This method can also be used to unblock personal numbers. Another alternative method is to tap on the “Block” icon, click on “My Blocklist” and then remove numbers from your blocklist by tapping the ‘minus’ symbol.

You can buy our premium subscription plans – Personal or Business to start exploring new and exciting features of Passelz Spam Guard. Some of the noteworthy features that you’ll be getting by upgrading to our Premium plans are –

  • Who viewed my Profile
  • Spam blocking
  • No ads
  • Family Safety