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Business Features

Call Analysis

Provide users with insights into their call patterns, including the number of incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and other statistics to help manage their communication habits better.

Enhance Social media features . Promoting social media post into Passelz App.

Backup contact and restore from Passelz App whenever connect from different device with same phone number and PIN.

Business Features

Advanced business search option

An advanced business search option with various filters can greatly enhance the user experience and help users find specific businesses or services tailored to their needs. The bigdata integration will Enable users to select specific business categories or industries to narrow down their search results.

Business Features

Generate social media content

User can generate social media content through a chat interface. With this Application platform, users can interact with the AI to create various types of content suitable for social media platforms and it also help users optimize their existing content.


Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

Implement a Do Not Disturb mode, allowing users to set specific hours or situations during which all incoming calls and notifications will be silenced.


Introduce call forwarding options and voicemail integration, giving users the flexibility to manage calls efficiently, even when they are unable to answer.

Enhanced Call Blocking Community

Encourage users to report spam numbers, and reward active contributors with enhanced spam-blocking privileges, fostering a strong community that helps keep the database up-to-date.

Business Features

Number Lookup for Businesses

Allow users to look up businesses’ numbers directly from the app, enabling easy access to customer service lines or business-related contacts.

Call Conference and Group Calling

Enable users to initiate conference calls or group calls with multiple participants directly from the Passelz App.

Smart Call Routing

Implement a smart call routing feature that suggests the best time to call a contact based on their activity patterns and availability.

Business Features

Call Analytics for Businesses

Provide businesses with call analytics and insights, helping them understand call trends and customer interactions better.

Spam Reporting API

Offer a spam reporting API for third- party apps and services, allowing them to leverage Passelz spam database and blocking capabilities.

Call Encryption

Implement end-to-end call encryption for enhanced privacy and security during voice calls.